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Lalo Zambrano

Brand Manager

Juan Carlos

Account Director Carriers

Jesús Hermida

Service Delivery Manager

Isaías Alegría

Technology Director

Gustavo de la Garza

CEO of Grupo Marcatel

Martín Reyes

Account Director Carriers

Lino Corlay

Marketing and Product & Services Director

Erik Montemayor

Account Director Carriers

Jorge Zamora

Carriers Sales Director

Alejandro Reiter

Business Strategy Director

Jesús Enríquez

Carriers Sales & Solutions Director

David Estrada

Procurement  Manager

Jaime Loaiza

Carriers Marketing Manager


Your connection with Mexico

We are a Mexican telecommunications company, with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.

Our headquarters are located in Monterrey, Mexico; we offer customized, innovative products and services to national and international carriers, providing always excellent quality service, ensuring neutrality, low latency and high availability; as well as providing our customers a unique quality and diversity of services. With a large optical fiber network, we have coverage in Mexico, USA, Canada, South America, Europe and A sia.

We strive to keep up-to-date products and provide an excellent services like: 

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The Network of International Carriers in Mexico

We strive to keep up-to-date products and provide an excellent service with a highly trained team.

Marcatel ethernet services was designed to offer faster and reliable connectivity in order that you can transmit your most sensitive data across Marcatel International Network.

We are the first service provider based in Mexico to achieve MEF 3.0 CE certification. 

The Network of

International Carriers in Mexico

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Our presentation

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Marcatel connects Mexico with the world thanks to its Domestic and International Network and responds optimally and with anticipation to the increasing traffic of data and video of its clients.


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Our Certifications

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Nan Chen

Nan Chen

Sr. Advisor, Ericsson
President & Director, MEF

Nan founded and is president of the MEF, a leading standards/certification organization in the networking industry with aggregated member market capitalization of $2 trillion. He also co-founded CENX, a pioneer and leader in service orchestration solution for software defined and virtualized networks.

Prior to founding CENX, Nan held executive roles at Atrica (acquired by Nokia) and Bay Networks/SynOptics (acquired by Nortel). Nan has been well-recognized with awards/accolades, including the Leader of the Year in telecom, and one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Industry. In his past life, Nan was a record holder for pole vault at Beijing University.

MEF President

"Marcatel is the first service provider based in Mexico to achieve MEF 3.0 CE certification, and we applaud this accomplishment. Customers who purchase MEF 3.0 CE certified solutions can have greater confidence that they have met the highest levels of performance, assurance, and agility established by the world’s defining authority for standardized network services".

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